Fencing Classes at the Miami Fencing Club


Who We Are

Established in 1987, The Miami Fencing Club, Inc. is the only 501(c)(3) non-profit in Florida dedicated to providing fencing classes

You can learn the Olympic fencing sport from our professional, certified Maestros. We train champions starting ages 8 and up. Adults welcome for recreation and competition in all three weapons: foil, epee and saber. 

Classes and schedules vary by location throughout Miami.

WARNING: you may get hooked on the sport! Known side effects are: weight loss, more stamina, faster reflexes, improved balance, clearer thinking, making new lifelong friends, increased risk of winnning a college scholarships and recurring thoughts of competing in the Olympics.

Our Mission:

  • To promote honor, sportsmanship and chivalry through the art of Olympic fencing
  • To teach the skills needed to master the art of fencing
  • To foster camaraderie by participating as a team in tournaments
  • To provide the environment and coaching required to enjoy fencing safely
  • To provide a venue for competitions and recreational fencing

Support Our Non-Profit

The Miami Fencing Club, Inc. is the only 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity dedicated to teaching the art of Olympic fencing and providing a venue for competitions and recreational fencing. 

Wish to contribute? Your donation is fully tax-deductible.

Have a talent or skill that can help us execute on our mission or wish to volunteer? We would love to hear from you.

Board Members

Alfredo Faubel - President

Max Tack-Fang - VP

Melissa Lee - Secretary

Alex Martinez - Treasurer

Rafael Torrens, Matt Simmons, Oscar Gonzalez, Liz Canchola

Rent your Fencing Gear

 Beginner's Rental Fee 

Entitles the student to use, for the duration of the term, a set consisting of the following:

  • mask
  • jacket
  • glove
  • weapon (foil, saber or epee)

Miami Dade College  $30.-  (6 week term)

South Miami $30.- (4 week term)

At term's end the complete set of equipment must be returned in clean and good condition (except for normal wear and tear). 
Payment of this rental fee implies Student's agreement to reimburse TMFC for the cost of needed repairs should these be caused by negligent use/storage, or proportional replacement costs if not returned.